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Hi, I'm Houston Lani
Your journey starts now, Queen

Welcome to my transformative world, where a holistic approach to wellness becomes your pathway to a vibrant, fulfilling life. As a compassionate life coach, I am dedicated to guiding women on their journey to optimal health, profound healing, and lasting happiness. Specialising in a holistic approach, I blend the wisdom of mind-body healing, personalised wellness strategies, and the pursuit of authentic happiness. I support my clients to overcome challenges, manage stress, reconnect with themselves and create positive lifestyle changes.


I’m a passionate traveller who loves to add a touch of sparkle and magic to every place I visit. As a dedicated holistic health, healing and happiness coach, it is my mission to help as many women as possible thrive from the inside out, rediscover themselves, embrace self love and step into their power. I’m drawn to the beauty of the ocean, the moon, the stars, sunsets, flowers, trees and all things nature has to offer. I love adventures, good food, music, play, fun and laughter. Women’s circles, connection, spirituality and deep conversations inspire me. Whether I am whispering to the wind, swimming in the ocean, howling at the moon, drinking cacao, writing poetry or running in the forest … I simply love my life and am dedicated to sharing my love for overall well-being to all that feel the call to connect.

Our worth shines brightest when we embrace who we are and focus on building a life we truly love, one that goes beyond the mirror.


“Women are made of magic and miracles - I just cut through the noise to help them rediscover their authentic selves”

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