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For Informational Purposes Only


The content on Houston Lani's platforms, including customer testimonials, serves informational purposes based on previous customer experiences. It does not guarantee similar outcomes, as individual responses are influenced by various uncontrollable factors.




Please acknowledge that Houston Lani functions exclusively as a health and wellness coach and not as a health professional. Her guidance pertains to achieving optimal health, not the treatment of conditions and diseases. For specific medical advice, consult healthcare professionals.


Houston Lani is not a substitute for your doctor or medical professional. Houston Lani is not a medical practitioner but aims to provide guidance for healthy living. Before considering supplements, seek advice from healthcare professionals.




You bear full responsibility for your health, recognising that individual responses to information on Houston Lani's platforms may vary.




While Houston is here to support your health goals, success depends on personal effort. Results vary based on individual factors, including commitment and lifestyle.




Services from Houston Lani are designed for general wellness and are not a substitute for professional medical treatment. By accepting the services, you voluntarily waive claims, excluding negligence-related incidents.


Accuracy Disclaimer


Despite the efforts to maintain content accuracy, inadvertent errors may occur. You assume full responsibility for relying on information provided. For health concerns, always consult a medical professional.

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