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Create true abundance & joy with Houston

Empowering women to lead a life they love through a personalised journey of health, healing and happiness.


I'm Houston Lani, your dedicated health, healing and happiness coach. I'm here to help you create a life full of abundance.

I believe every woman is powerful, unique, beautiful and strong but society and pressures of daily life can disconnect us, consume us and we can easily forget who we truly are. 


I see through all of the ‘limits’ that are preventing you from discovering your true power, keeping you stuck and playing small.


I will be beside you every step of the way and provide you the tools to go from stuck, overwhelmed and disconnected to thriving, excited and focused.



Many women come to me to achieve a physical transformation. Most have been on a ‘diet’, restricting/binging, over training, trying every quick fix and spinning their wheels for years. My approach to health isn’t about restricting, depriving, starving, punishing, forcing or shaming.


I am here to help you find habits and practices that feel good for you and can easily be implemented into your lifestyle, long term.


I am passionate about my clients enjoying their meals, feeling satisfied and creating food freedom without any guilt. I help my clients create exercise regimes that feel good for them and instead of exercise feeling like a punishment, it gets to feel empowering and uplifting. I get powerful results working with each client individually and creating a bespoke plan that enables them to feel and look fabulous. Everything is interconnected so I work with my client as a whole - mind, body and soul, a holistic approach to health.



I believe that we all experience pain and trauma throughout our life. Once we can acknowledge and recognise that it is our responsibility to heal then we truly begin the journey to a life without limits.

Healing is really about slowing down, connecting and getting to know yourself so that you are able to reveal those deep limiting beliefs and all the things that are holding you back. With my support we will explore the areas of your life that may be affected and together work towards finding your inner peace and personal power. Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.



We can’t pour from an empty cup! People pleasing is not serving anyone! Through my coaching I empower my clients to reconnect, tune in, slow down, serve themselves, enjoy pleasure, fill their cup and implement self care practices regularly so that you are able to pour into their family, clients, communities and the world from the overflow.

I encourage my clients to play, have fun, enjoy pleasure, follow their bliss and make time to do things that light them up daily.


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Houston has completely changed my life! Not only am I now happy in my body, but I look at life completely differently and I'm grateful for every single day. 

I now look forward to my day ahead instead of feeling fed up and lost.

Ways I can help

I have different programmes designed to give you the support, encouragement and guidance to take control and step into your true self.

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30-Day Kickstart Programme

Are you ready to look and feel your absolute best?

Are you ready to lose weight, drop body fat, ditch the scales, quit counting calories and thrive in your body?

Are you ready to understand nutrition, make friends with your body, create food freedom, make long-term lifestyle changes and stop going around in circles?

Then my 30-Day Kickstart programme is for you. 4 weeks, 8 group calls. All calls are recorded, so don't worry if you can't make it live.

I will teach you everything you need to know to create a life you love, quit diet culture, stop playing with the idea of taking ozempic, never get on the scales again and start actually enjoying a meal out with your friends!

Join the waiting list.

30-Day Roadmap Programme

You know what you should be doing, but you're not sure how to go about breaking the habits or overcoming the challenges in your way. 

Or maybe you've been working hard and eating clean and still aren't seeing the results you want. 

Too many women find themselves lost when trying to work out how to live a satisfied life while also achieving the look they want. And that's not an accident. Diet and fitness culture is designed to keep you in a cycle of trying new things.

I'm here to break those cycles and help you create a lifestyle that not only allows you to enjoy the fullness of life, but not have to compromise on your nutrition, health and well-being in the process.

The 30-Day Roadmap Programme is a high-impact programme designed to educate and inspire women, through a personalised, holistic approach.


90-Day Signature Programme

Welcome to your personal pocket life coach. As your dedicated life coach, I am here to provide unwavering support throughout your journey in the next 90 days. I will walk alongside you, offering guidance, encouragement, and a compassionate presence as you navigate challenges, make decisions, and celebrate victories. Together, we create a supportive partnership that empowers you to thrive in all aspects of your life.

Are you tired, frustrated and confused? Are you sick of trying new plans, diets, pills and potions that don’t work? I hear you. You are not alone. I have been where you are, and I understand exactly how you are feeling right now. Believe me when I say I have tried the workout plans, the diets, the pills, potions, fasting, juices, remedies, healing modalities, expensive skincare routines etc.

Are you ready to embark on your individual, transformative, holistic journey with me that is tailored specifically for women? My coaching dives beyond the surface, delving deep into the interconnected elements that shape your overall wellbeing. With personalised daily guidance, I will support you to tap into your inner strength, giving you a sense of empowerment that ripples throughout every area of your life.


90-Minute Deep Dive Call

This deep dive 1-2-1 call gives us 90 minutes together to tailor a bespoke plan specifically for you to get you from where you currently are to where you want to go.

In this time, we can cover anything you feel is holding you back from stepping into your power - be that nutrition, well-being or mindset. 

This call is designed to give you clarity and focus so you can feel confident in creating the life you want.

It's time to put yourself first. Together, we can travel on your holistic health, healing, and happiness journey.

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